Third Annual Fall Festival

Nov 2nd 10am-Noon

10:00am INSIDE

Fall Festival Kickoff

in Fellowship Hall

· Indoor “table” treating, Located in fellowship             hall, travel from table to table enjoying                         games and treats, no tricks we promise

· Face Painting, visit our very talented face                    painter Joy

· Spooky Halltake a spooky walk down the                dark hall and let your “Light Shine”


11:00am OUTSIDE

for Food and Games

· Drink & Snack Station opens at 11am

· Mini Bounce House

· Hay Rides Departing at 11:15, 11:30 & 11:45

· Tall Grass Fun Maze Run located to the SE side          of the building

·11:30 Three Legged Race for parents and kids 

· Pumpkin Pound pound golf tees into                             pumpkins

· 11:45 Snow Cones will be served

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